Send Gifts with Email or Text

Create Seamless Gifting Experiences with Thoughtful and Meaningful Gifts Within Minutes!

Do you want to send a gift to a colleague or friend, but don’t know their shipping address?  
With Gipht you can send gifts with just an email address or phone number!   

Corporate Clients

Join them by Sharing Joy with Gipht!

For Gift Givers

Experience Gifting Like Never Before

Craft unforgettable memories with Gipht!
Choose from our vast range of partnered merchants and send the perfect gift. Whether it’s a holiday, ‘thank you’, birthday, team anniversary gift, or a ‘just because’ moment – with Gipht, you’re always ready to gift clients, partners, business colleagues, employees, or family members!

The Perfect Gift, Every Time

Check out our vast merchant catalog and find gifts suitable for any occasion. Whether you’re an individual or a business, our Marketplace has what you need!

Why Send with Gipht?

Because we simplify gifting. Forget the hassle of spending hours tracking down shipping addresses or inputting them incorrectly; all you need is an email or phone number to send joy across the digital divide.

Transparent Pricing

With Gipht, what you see is what you get. Our bulk pricing means that the more you gift, the less you pay per recipient. Perfect for festive seasons, corporate gifting, or any occasion!

For merchants

Boost your Shopify Store's Sales for Free

Unlock the potential of your online store with Gipht!
Offer your customers a modern and efficient way to gift to anyone, anywhere. Forget about the traditional hassles of sending packages to the wrong address – with Gipht, gifting is as simple as sharing an email or phone number!

Elevate Your Business

Stand out in the crowded e-commerce space with Gipht’s seamless gifting integration. Offer a value-added service that not only retains existing customers but attracts new ones.

Why Choose Gipht?

It’s simple. We bridge the gap between you and potential buyers. With an SMS and email-based gifting process, your customers no longer need to stress over shipping details.

Free for Merchants

We understand the challenges of scaling a business. That’s why Gipht is complimentary for businesses of all sizes, ensuring you get maximum value with no hidden fees.


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