Gipht’s vision is to transform every occasion into a cherished memory by seamlessly connecting givers and recipients through our innovative service.

Welcome to Our World of Thoughtful Gifting!

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Our Story

In a world where the office is anywhere, and connections are everything, Gipht stands out as a beacon of innovation in corporate gifting. Born from the vision of our CEO, Jean Ginzburg, Gipht started as a spark of inspiration amidst the challenges of post-pandemic work life.

Jean realized that sending gifts to business partners scattered in remote corners had become a complex task. She envisioned a tool that would transcend geographical barriers and nurture connections through the simple act of gifting. Alongside Mike Smith, our tech maestro, and Sarah Welle, an e-commerce sage, Jean set the wheels of Gipht in motion.

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Our mission was bold yet simple: to allow anyone to send a physical gift through just an email or text, removing the cumbersome need for a shipping address. Gipht was designed to encapsulate more than convenience; it was crafted to be a conduit of human emotion, from gratitude to empathy, in the corporate landscape.

With Gipht, local artisans’ creations become narratives woven into each gift, and what was once a transaction becomes a memorable story. Our app is a testament to simplicity, free for merchants, and designed for the busy seasons when every moment counts. As we continue to evolve, our commitment to facilitating seamless corporate gifting remains at the heart of what we do.

Gipht is more than an app; it’s a movement to bring back the warmth of Main Street to every exchange.


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Gipht is your go-to for business gifting that leaves a lasting impression. We are the perfect solution if you want to:

Send corporate appreciation gifts to clients, colleagues, or employees;

Send gifts to friends and family members for birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions;

Send care packages to loved ones who are far away;

Send congratulatory gifts to celebrate a milestone or achievement;

Send personalized gifts to make someone feel extra special;

Send surprise gifts to loved ones just because you care about them;

Send gifts to show sympathy and support during a difficult time

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Jean's photo

Jean Ginzburg,

Jean is a visionary multi-time founder and an astute marketer. Her journey from launching startups to scaling a digital agency to soaring heights is a narrative of determination and excellence. Jean isn’t just our CEO; she’s our chief gift-giver, spreading love one gift at a time.

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Mike Smith

With a rich history as a CTO in a publicly traded company, Mike brings to the table an extensive cross-functional expertise in retail and e-commerce technology. His innovative approach to technical leadership ensures that our platform remains cutting-edge, secure, and user-friendly.

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Sarah Welle

Sarah’s 10-year tenure as a Shopify Merchant and her experience as a co-founder of a successful e-commerce gifting business provide us with invaluable insights. Her deep relationships with merchants and clients alike are a testament to her commitment to the gifting industry.