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Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day Sent with Email-Based Gifting

At times, a simple “thank-you” to your employees suffices. But often, it falls short of expressing true appreciation for a job well done. How do you express your gratitude toward your employees without much hassle? That’s where Gipht steps in, revolutionizing employee gifting and the way we show appreciation to our teams. This guide will introduce you to Gipht’s approach to making your team feel truly valued through personalized gestures of gratitude. Gipht specializes in creating memorable moments for your employees, regardless of their location, be it the office next door or across the globe.

Through this guide, you’ll learn how to use Gipht to send thoughtful gifts easily via text or email, tailoring each message to match your team members’ unique tastes and interests. Join us as we explore how to make every employee feel special, fostering a positive and motivating work environment with Gipht.

Unforgettable Gift Ideas to Try This Year

This Employee Appreciation Day, let’s think outside the box with gifts that truly stand out. With Gipht’s help, employee gifting is easier than you think. Gipht has hundreds of Gifts within its marketplace, including gourmet baskets, an assortment of teas, and handmade sweets such as cookies and chocolates. Here are some unforgettable gift ideas that will make your team feel genuinely valued this year:

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Productivity Boosters

Ooh La Lemon Shortbread Bites

These cookies are a zesty and delightful treat perfect to express your appreciation toward your employees. Their light, buttery texture combined with a tangy lemon twist offers a refreshing snack break that’s sure to brighten anyone’s day. Gifting these bites is a thoughtful way to show your team they’re valued, injecting a bit of joy and flavor into their work routine.

Cheese Popcorn Bag - 8 Servings

This is a delightful treat, offering a perfect blend of savory flavor and crunchy texture. It’s a simple yet thoughtful way to make your team feel valued and add a bit of joy to their day. This gourmet popcorn bag is an excellent choice for snack lovers, making it a universally appreciated gesture of gratitude.

Nakihalani Farm - Pure Hawaiian Honey

This honey is a testament to quality and natural beauty. It’s not just a gift; it’s an experience of tropical bliss, perfect for employees who wish to enjoy a taste of luxury. This unique, all-natural honey is an excellent way to express gratitude to your employees, offering a moment of indulgence amidst their hard work.

Operation Cookies Assortment Pack

This gift is a heartwarming way to show appreciation to your employees. With a variety of homemade flavors, it’s a personal touch that says thank-you in the most delicious way possible. Perfect for sharing in the office or enjoying at home, these cookies bring joy and a sense of care to your team, making them feel valued and appreciated.

Gluten and Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

These delicious cookies demonstrate your consideration for your team’s health and well-being, making them feel truly valued and included. It’s a delightful way to show your appreciation and cater to all your employees’ tastes and needs.

9 piece Signature Artisanal Bonbon Collection

Each carefully crafted truffle is a sweet token of appreciation of your employees’ hard work and dedication. Perfect for employee appreciation, these exquisite chocolates are sure to delight your team and make them feel truly valued.

Gummy Candy Box

A delightful surprise of sweet treats, this candy box makes an ideal appreciation gift. It keeps the joy coming, providing your employees with a fun and tasty way to feel valued and remembered throughout the year.

Artisan Cheese and Crackers Gift Basket

This fabulous gift basket is an excellent choice to express employee appreciation. It offers a sophisticated blend of gourmet flavors that celebrate your team’s hard work. It’s a way to share a moment of culinary delight, recognizing their contributions with a gift that speaks of quality and thoughtfulness.


This elegantly packaged gift box not only satisfies the taste buds but also conveys a message of care and appreciation, making your employees feel valued. It’s a unique and thoughtful way to express gratitude, perfect for celebrating achievements or simply boosting team morale.

Colorado Office Snack Box

 It’s a thoughtful way to celebrate the dedication of your team, providing them with a range of artisanal treats to enjoy, catering to their diverse tastes. This gift box, filled with locally sourced goodies, not only supports small businesses but also gives employees a unique snacking experience, making it a memorable thank-you gesture.

Chocolate Chippy Box

Packed with the comforting, classic flavor of chocolate chip cookies, this box is a sweet reminder of your employees’ valued contribution and hard work. This thoughtful gift can boost morale and bring a smile to their faces, making it an ideal choice for Employee Appreciation Day.

Rich Nuts Variety Pack

The Flight of Nuts from Rich Nuts offers a gourmet tasting experience that’s both nutritious and delicious, making it an excellent gift for employees. This selection showcases a variety of sprouted, crunchy nuts, perfect for health-conscious team members. It’s a unique way to express gratitude, encouraging wellness in the workplace.

Taste of Washington Tote

An excellent way to acknowledge and thank your team, this tote offers a curated selection of gourmet products that highlight the region’s richness. Presenting this tote as a token of appreciation not only supports local artisans but also provides your employees with a unique and enjoyable taste experience, reinforcing their value to your organization.

Breakfast in Charleston

A great way to show your team you care. It’s a box full of hand-made biscuits that bring a cozy southern morning to anyone’s table. It’s like a thank you hug in the form of breakfast, making it a perfect gift to appreciate your employees’ hard work.

Workday Fuel

Black Water River Roast Yaupon Tea

This unique, energizing tea blend offers a natural caffeine boost, ideal for keeping your team focused and productive. Gifting this tea shows them you value their well-being, offering them a moment of relaxation with every sip, reminding them you appreciate them.

12 OZ Roca Fundida

This exquisite coffee, known for its rich flavors and smooth finish, symbolizes the warmth and regard you hold for your team. Gifting this premium coffee shows your dedication to quality and an understanding of the finer things, making your employees feel truly valued. It’s a perfect way to energize and appreciate your team, highlighting their importance to your organization with every brew.

Pink with a Splash of Color

his duo of premium blends not only energizes your team but also shows your thoughtfulness in selecting a gift that matches their tastes. It’s a warm way to say thank-you, ensuring your employees feel valued with every sip they take. Perfect for the coffee enthusiasts in your office, it’s a stylish and tasteful nod to their hard work and dedication.

Ethiopia Natura

With the beans roasted to perfection, this gift allows your team to explore a variety of rich and aromatic blends, perfect for coffee enthusiasts looking to start their day with a quality cup. It’s a thoughtful way to acknowledge their hard work and fuel their productivity with exceptional taste.


Jo's Deep Sleep Potion

This carefully crafted potion is designed to enhance sleep quality, providing your team with the rest they need after a long day’s work. Giving this thoughtful gift shows your commitment to their health and personal care, fostering a supportive work environment. It’s a unique way to acknowledge the hard work of your employees, ensuring they feel valued and cared for.

Adventurer Itty Bitters Bundle

 Perfect for the team members who love to experiment with flavors, this bundle encourages creativity and offers a fun, interactive way to explore unique beverage mixes. It’s a thoughtful way to acknowledge their hard work and provide a little adventure right in their glasses, making it an excellent choice for celebrating their contributions to the team.

Bath Box​

The California Crafted Bath Box is a perfect employee appreciation gift, offering a luxurious spa experience at home. It’s a thoughtful way to encourage relaxation and self-care, making employees feel valued and rejuvenated.

The Movie Night

A cozy way to show your employees you care. It comes with delicious snacks like chocolate pretzels, caramel, almonds, and popcorn, plus a mini popcorn machine. Everything’s wrapped up in a pretty box. It’s perfect for a relaxing night watching movies at home, making it a thoughtful thank you gift for hard work.

Unique Finds

Satin Sleep Scrunchies - Assorted

These scrunchies’ satin material protects hair from breakage and frizz, ensuring your employees wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. A practical yet thoughtful gift, the scrunchies serve as a reminder of your consideration for your employees’ well-being beyond the workplace.

Tip protector

Gift your team members Kamui Billiard Cue Tips, known for improving game accuracy and control. These high-quality cue tips are designed for billiard players seeking enhanced performance. Offering Kamui Tips as a gift acknowledges your employees’ interests and promotes a balanced lifestyle. Ideal for pool enthusiasts, these tips reflect your dedication to quality in every aspect of work and leisure.

Pickleball 6-Panel Unstructured Heartbeat Hat ​

A stylish and functional gift for employee appreciation, the hat is perfect for sports enthusiasts or anyone who enjoys outdoor activities.Gifting this high-quality, unstructured hat not only acknowledges their hard work but also promotes a healthy work-life balance, making it an excellent choice for expressing gratitude and enhancing team morale.

Ed Mitchell Carolina Bbq Variety 3-Pack

This set includes a variety of sauces that bring the gourmet experience of Southern cooking right to your employees’ homes. It’s a thoughtful way to appreciate the culinary enthusiasts in your team, encouraging them to explore new recipes and enjoy their time cooking. This gift not only spices up their meal times but also shows your acknowledgment of their tastes and interests, enhancing team morale.

Gourmet Spice Mixes

Delight the culinary enthusiasts on your team with a selection of gourmet spice mixes from To Market To Market. Crafted from the finest ingredients, each mix offers a unique flavor profile that promises to inspire creativity in the kitchen. It’s a thoughtful way to show appreciation for your employees’ hard work, encouraging them to explore new culinary adventures at home.


The Color Me Beautiful draped scarves are a thoughtful gift for employee appreciation, offering a personal touch that celebrates individuality. These unique scarves, customizable to align with personal color palettes, allow employees to express their styles while feeling valued and recognized.

Garden Party Blue Recipe Tin

The tin is a charming gift for employee appreciation, offering a stylish way to store cherished recipes. It’s a thoughtful, practical gift that employees can use at home to enhance their kitchen while being reminded of their appreciated role in the company.

Shells Beach Towel

Perfect for those who love to relax by the water or enjoy outdoor activities, the towel serves as a reminder to take a break and enjoy nature’s beauty. Gifting this premium quality, artistically designed towel shows thoughtfulness, recognizing employees’ hard work and encouraging well-deserved leisure time, thereby boosting morale and fostering a positive workplace culture.

Imagine the smiles and surprises as your team unwraps gifts chosen just for them. A team member might enjoy a basket filled with premium chocolates or a set of specialty teas. With Gipht, you can match the gift to the person, making your gesture of thanks even more meaningful.

Guide to Using Gipht for Employee Gifting

Using Gipht for employee appreciation is straightforward and efficient, especially when you’re looking for the best gift ideas. Here’s a simple guide on how to use Gipht to send personalized gifts:

  1. Start by visiting the Gipht Marketplace. You’ll find a wide range of gifts organized by categories. Whether you’re looking for something specific or just browsing for ideas, finding the right gift is easy.
  2. After choosing a gift that you think will make a meaningful impression on your employee, add it to your cart. To send the gift, click or tap the “Send Gift with Email” button in your cart. This step allows you to personalize the gift by entering your details and the recipient’s email address or phone number information. Gipht accommodates sending gifts to both individual and multiple recipients, making it suitable for any situation.
  3. Once you complete the transaction, you’re done. Gipht will keep you updated with notifications about your gift’s status, from being shipped to being received. This feature ensures you’re informed every step of the way, feeling confident that your gesture of appreciation has been successfully delivered.


By following this guide, you can effortlessly navigate the platform and engage in employee gifting, sending thoughtful gifts to your employees to enhance morale and strengthen your team’s bond.

Integrate Gipht into Your Culture Strategy

Incorporating Gipht into your culture strategy does wonders for fostering a sense of appreciation and recognition across your organization. This approach goes beyond mere acknowledgments; it’s about cementing a culture where every employee feels valued and essential. By choosing personalized gifts through Gipht for achievements and milestones, you tap into a wealth of thoughtful gift ideas designed to send a clear message of gratitude, significantly boosting employee morale and engagement. This consistent expression of appreciation helps in creating a workplace environment where everyone feels connected and recognized for their individual contributions.

Moreover, the act of personalizing gifts with Gipht has a profound impact on employee satisfaction and retention, creating a positive and inclusive work atmosphere. Knowing that their hard work is seen and valued, your employees are encouraged to put forth their best efforts, which in turn, drives productivity and performance. Adopting such a culture of employee gifting not only strengthens team dynamics but also plays a crucial role in the overall success of the company.

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