Gipht: Now Send Corporate Subscription Gifts

Gipht: Now Send Corporate Subscription Gifts

As a company invested in maintaining a motivated workforce, happy clients, and strong connections with business partners, you know that sending gifts is part of your relationship-building strategy. At Gipht, we are dedicated to making your corporate gifting experience exceptional. Whether you’re sending a present to valued clients, top-performing employees, or business partners, our platform makes the process easy and enjoyable. Now that Gipht has integrated with Recharge, you will be able to send subscription gifts via email or SMS. 

About Gipht

Gipht allows you to send physical gifts effortlessly, no matter where your recipient is located. Our marketplace offers a variety of merchants, giving you plenty of options to choose the perfect gift. We believe in making gifting affordable and accessible, which is why it just costs $5 per transaction for one-to-one gifting, with tiered pricing for bulk orders.

Using Gipht is simple. From our Marketplace page, you select your desired merchant and the perfect gift. You can even add a personalized message. Once your gift is ready, our app collects the recipient’s preferred shipping address using our proprietary Delivery Address Connect feature, ensuring your gift arrives in the right place at the right time.


Integration with Recharge

Gipht integrates seamlessly with Recharge, making it easier for you to send subscription gifts from Shopify merchants.

This benefits you as a gift giver:

  • Access to subscription gifts: You can now send subscription-based gifts via email or SMS only from various Recharge merchants. For example, you can send a 3-month supply of coffee as a gift, delivered every month for three months.
  • Convenient and flexible: The customer portal and RechargeSMS allows you to manage your orders and subscriptions from anywhere, using a computer or mobile device.


By integrating with Recharge, we’re providing businesses and professionals with more gift options and a smooth gifting experience, making it easier than ever to recognize and reward your clients and colleagues.


Corporate Gifting Using Subscription Gifts

The integration with Recharge makes Gipht an even more valuable tool for corporate gifting. You can provide ongoing value and recognition to clients, employees, and partners by offering subscription gifts. This feature enhances the gifting experience and helps with budget management.

With Gipht, giving corporate gifts has never been easier or more effective. Happy gifting!

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