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New Year, New Way to Gift: Send Physical Gifts via Email/Text in 2024

How do you approach your gift-giving as we near the New Year? In an increasingly tech-driven world, our gift-giving habits are changing too. The pleasure of sending a physical gift to someone, however, is often hampered by not knowing their address. That’s where Gipht comes in. An epitome of convenience, Gipht is the perfect solution for those looking to send gifts without an address. Whether you are sending a gift to a client, business partner, employee or friend/family member, you’ll find that Gipht’s merchants have a diverse range of offerings to ensure your New Year’s gift is as joyful as the celebrations themselves.

Celebrate with Varied Gift Baskets

Gipht’s network features an eclectic array of merchants, each offering unique gift baskets perfect for any occasion:

  • Linden Square specializes in creating custom-curated, beautifully inspired gift baskets for corporate clients, events, and other special occasions.
  • Colorado Crafted features a unique selection of local Colorado snacks and treats, emphasizing quality and craftsmanship, with over 100 artisan products from predominantly woman-owned businesses, all packaged with locally sourced materials.
  • Gourmet Basket Co. specializes in crafting memorable, custom-designed gift baskets filled with selective gourmet snacks and unique wine arrangements, all created with a personal touch in Fullerton, California, to uplift the heart and soul on any occasion.
  • California Crafted offers unique gift baskets that showcase the local flavor and spirit of California, featuring handpicked, regional products from passionate local makers.
  • Edible Blooms New Zealand crafts unique chocolate bouquets and gift baskets from premium chocolates, fresh fruits, and delicious doughnuts.
  •  Washington Local offers contemporary gift baskets and tote bags filled with handpicked local products, enabling customers to share and enjoy a taste of Washington while supporting local artisans.

Each of these Gipht merchants brings something special to the table, from gourmet treats to wellness packages, all customizable to create a truly personal gifting experience.

Personal Touch for the New Year

Personalized gifts are a unique way to convey your thoughtfulness. With Gipht, you can add a personal touch to your New Year’s gifts with ease, from monogrammed accessories to tailor-made experiences. Discover Gipht merchants in personalized gifting:

  • Grape & Bean allows you to create custom gift sets by selecting from an array of gourmet foods and fine wines.
  • Something Splendid Co. specializes in personalized gift boxes, offering over 300 items to choose from, each with an option to include a custom, hand-written message from you for a deeply personal gifting touch.
  • Vena’s Fizz House offers personalized gifts, such as the “Bar in a Jar” Spirit Sipper & Nipper Infusions, perfect for any occasion, with all-natural ingredients for creating delicious cocktails or mocktails.

Eco-Friendly Product Options

Supporting sustainability, Gipht features eco-friendly gifts, highlighting merchants dedicated to sustainability:

  • Light Provisions stands out with its reusable glass and tin vessels and a commitment to biodegradable packing materials, emphasizing recycling and waste reduction in its packaging process.
  • Rock Chocs exemplifies environmental responsibility by offering products made with organic, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients, all packaged sustainably to be kinder to the planet, animals, and consumers.
  • Jo’s Body Shop reinforces this commitment, focusing on all-natural, non-toxic ingredients for its products and ensuring that its packaging is not only recyclable and reusable but also aligned with eco-friendly practices.

These environmentally-conscious gifts – from reusable everyday items to products crafted from recycled and sustainable materials – offer a meaningful way to send presents without needing a physical address, using only email or SMS, all while making a positive impact on the planet.

Gifting for a Prosperous Year Ahead

If you are a business, Gipht simplifies the process of acknowledging your clients, partners, and employees in the New Year. The app allows you to easily send gifts without an address, enhancing your corporate relationships with style and efficiency. For a personal gift-giver, Gipht offers the same ease of use and breadth of choice, making gift-giving quick and joyful.

In 2024, let Gipht redefine your gifting experience. From personal to corporate gifts, Gipht’s vast selection caters to every taste and occasion, including eco-friendly choices. The feature to send gifts without needing an address is not just a convenience; it’s a way to express appreciation and foster connections. With Gipht, gifting becomes a seamless, enjoyable journey, bridging distances and spreading happiness, one thoughtful gesture at a time.

Celebrate this New Year with Gipht, and make every gift count!

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New Year, New Way to Gift: Send Physical Gifts via Email/Text in 2024

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