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Recharge Merchants: Set Up Gipht for Subscription Gifts

As a Recharge merchant, you know how important it is to provide a seamless and customizable shopping experience for your customers. Gipht’s innovative solution allows your customers to send physical gifts with email or SMS and now Gipht has also integrated with Recharge! 

How to Set Up Gipht as Your Recharge Merchant

Gipht’s gifting provides a flexible solution for Shopify merchants using Recharge. Here’s how to set it up on your merchant dashboard:

  1. Log into your Shopify merchant account and navigate to the Gipht app within your installed apps.
  2. In the Gipht app, go to the “Settings” tab to access payment configurations.
  3. Locate the option for “Deferred Payments” and check the box to activate this feature.
  4. To generate a Recharge API Access Token:
    • Go to Recharge > Apps > API Tokens.
    • Click on the “Create API Token” button.
    • Add the token’s nickname and your email address.
    • Enable read and write access to Subscriptions, Customers, and Products.
    • Check the acknowledgment box.
    • Save and copy the API key.
  5. Return to Gipht’s settings and paste the copied API token into the designated text box.
  6. Send a test gift to ensure everything is functioning correctly.
Gipht Recharge

For a step-by-step visual guide, watch the video below:

This user-friendly interface ensures you can easily install Gipht on your Recharge shop. 


Why Integrate Gipht to Your Business

Recharge merchants can now integrate with Gipht, revolutionizing the gift-giving process. Gipht’s solution is transforming the way Recharge merchants handle gift-giving. Embrace the future of gifting with Gipht and make every occasion memorable. Install Gipht on your Shopify Recharge store today!

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