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Send Gifts by Email or SMS this Holiday Season

Gift-giving can be both a rewarding and frustrating experience. Whether you’re celebrating with loved ones, appreciating a colleague, or just spreading some joy, shopping for the right gift is already challenging. Add to that having to send the right gifts to the right recipients, and you might feel overwhelmed. But what if you could eliminate the need to leave your house to shop for gifts and the need to know the recipient’s address? That’s where Gipht comes in. The innovative gift-sending app is here to make your gifting experience smooth and enjoyable.

Gipht’s Innovative Gifting Solution

Ever wondered how to send a gift without knowing the recipient’s address? Gipht is your answer. This ingenious solution allows you to send gifts using just an email address or phone number. Say goodbye to the hassle of acquiring shipping addresses. With Gipht, sending a gift is as easy as sending a text or email.

Gipht’s approach reflects modern online shopping habits and means of communication:

  • Email gifting: Almost everyone has an email address, making it a reliable and familiar way to connect. Gipht taps into this universal medium, allowing you to effortlessly send gifts by email. It’s user-friendly, straightforward, and perfect for everyone, regardless of their tech-savviness.
  • SMS Gifting: Prefer texting? Gipht’s got you covered with its SMS feature. Send a thoughtful gift in seconds, without the need for a physical address. It’s direct, quick, and ideal for last-minute surprises.


The Gipht Advantage

Imagine the convenience of choosing a gift and having it sent instantly without worrying about logistics. Gipht offers this ease and simplicity. It’s particularly useful when you want to surprise someone or don’t have their postal address. And for those last-minute gift situations, Gipht is a lifesaver, offering a swift and hassle-free solution.

Gipht’s method is not just about simplicity. It’s also about making gift-giving more accessible as well as less daunting. This can be particularly advantageous during busy times such as holidays or special occasions when the ease of sending a gift can encourage more people to share thoughtful gestures.

Send Corporate Gifts by Email or SMS

For businesses, Gipht provides an efficient way to manage corporate gifting. Its bulk upload feature allows for multiple gifts to be sent at once, streamlining the process for events like holidays or client appreciation gestures. It’s efficient and time-saving, and it ensures each recipient gets their gift without any mix-ups. Plus, Gipht offers an attractive bulk pricing model, adding more value as your gift list grows:

Amount of RecipientsPrice per Recipient
1 to 10$5
11 to 50$4
51 to 100$3
101 to 250$2

This tiered pricing means larger gift lists come at a lower cost per recipient, offering great value for your business’s gifting needs. Experience the advantages of Gipht for your next corporate gifting occasion!

Enhancing Your Gifting Experience

If you frequently shop at stores that use Shopify, you’ll appreciate the seamless integration of Gipht into this platform. This means a smoother, more intuitive process when you choose and send gifts. The simplicity of Gipht’s system, with its focus on sending gifts by email and text, brings a new level of convenience to your online shopping experience, with less time spent on logistics and more on finding the perfect gift.

Moreover, Gipht’s platform includes a feature showcasing merchants on Instagram every Monday, providing you with a fresh and diverse range of gift ideas. Whether you’re looking for something unique or just need some inspiration, these showcases can be a handy resource in your search for the right gift. Explore the difference Gipht can make in how you send gifts. Visit Gipht’s website today, and discover how this innovative gifting solution can transform your gift-giving experience. 

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