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The Gipht App: Increase Store Conversions by 7%

In today’s digital age, every Shopify merchant can benefit from an innovative gifting platform designed to captivate customers and boost sales. That’s precisely what Gipht does, revolutionizing online gifting with a simple yet powerful solution. By bridging the gap between the desire to give and the hassle of obtaining shipping details, Gipht offers you as a Shopify merchant a seamless integration that can significantly elevate the customer experience of your online shop. This approach not only enhances convenience but also opens new avenues for sales, tapping into the vast potential of gift-giving as a meaningful engagement tool.


Overcoming Gifting Barriers

Many potential sales fall through because customers lack the recipient’s shipping details. This challenge often leads to frustration and abandoned carts. 

Recognizing the common pain point of missing shipping details, Gipht introduced a novel solution that streamlines the gifting process. This innovation allows customers to effortlessly express their gratitude without needing the recipient’s physical address. As a result, it enhances the overall shopping experience and reduces the likelihood of customers abandoning their carts. By adopting this approach, you will not only see an improvement in customer satisfaction but also experience a significant increase in your sales potential. Gipht merchants increased their cart abandonment conversions by 3.5%! That’s money in the bank! 🤑


A Seamless Gifting Journey

Gipht is more than just a gifting platform. It’s a pioneering solution tailored to the needs of Shopify merchants. It empowers your customers to send gifts directly through email or text, eliminating the need for physical addresses. This innovation opens the door to those 15% of customers you were missing out on due to incomplete shipping details.

Gipht offers a frictionless setup and usage experience for both merchants and shoppers. Installing Gipht is free, with no hidden charges, and quick: you can install the Gipht app in 15 minutes. You can customize its look to match your brand, offering a seamless gifting option that keeps transactions on your site, enhancing customer engagement and reducing cart abandonment.


Why Gipht Is Your Go-To Gifting Platform?

Merchants integrating Gipht report increased sales and improved customer satisfaction – up to 7% increase in overall conversion rates. This gifting platform not only attracts customers looking for convenient gifting options but also delights gift recipients, fostering a cycle of positive engagement and repeat business. If you have a Shopify store, here’s why you should integrate it with Gipht:


  • It is cost-effective: Gipht is entirely free for merchants, removing any financial barriers to entry.
  • It reduces cart abandonment: By facilitating gift sending via email or text, Gipht encourages customers to complete their purchases, increasing cart abandonment conversions by 3.5%
  • It allows you to retain customer data: Gipht ensures you keep all customer data, unlike other platforms such as Sendoso or, allowing for ongoing engagement and relationship building.
  • It facilitates effortless integration: With Gipht, integration is quick and flexible, letting you align the app with your store’s branding effortlessly.


Step into the Future of Gifting

As a merchant, you want to stand out. And standing out means offering unique products and experiences. Gipht turns your store into a gifting destination, simplifying the gift-giving process for your customers. Join the growing community of merchants who’ve enhanced their sales and customer happiness with this gifting platform.

Don’t wait any longer. Install Gipht now, and embrace the modern way of gifting that prioritizes convenience, efficiency, and satisfaction. Welcome to the future of gifting with Gipht – where sending love and appreciation has never been easier.

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